COVID 19 – Make your own fabric mask with or without sewing machine – very easy

You need:

  • cotton fabric (like bed sheet, pillowcase, old shirt, table cloth)
  • sewing thin elastic band (17-19 cm per side, check on your face) or shoe lace, ribbon to make tie bands
  • thread, needles
  • paper or cardboard
  1. Cut 13 x 22cm rectangle (woman size) or 14 x 22 rectangle (man size) in paper or cardboard to make your pattern
  2. Use the pattern to cut 3 rectangles of fabric

3. Pin together the 3 layers, right sides together

4. Sew along the long sides of the rectangles at 5mm and then cut at 2-3mm to remove excess

5. Turn right side out

6. Prepare the short sides of the rectangles to place the elastic bands by folding in a little the edges and pin the elastic bands (leave 4-5mm in)

7. Create a fold in the middle so the short side is about 9 cm

8. Sew along the short sides making sure the elastic bands are secure in the seam and setting the fold. (If you are not using a sewing machine, it may be easier to secure the elastic bands and sew along first and then do a few stitches for the fold)

Done! Now check the Use and Care Instructions