Internal whitening

How to improve the shade of a tooth treated with root canal filling, affected by discoloration. Treatment performed by Dr TL.


After a root canal treatment, the tooth sometimes becomes darker. The discoloration comes from the inside so only an internal whitening will be effective. The results are not guaranteed but most of the time it’s possible to visibly improve the shade. The tooth is re-opened and some of the material is removed to make space for the whitening product (hydrogen peroxide). Several sessions will be required over several weeks.

Some teeth can fully recover their initial shade but some don’t. Cosmetic bondings or a porcelain veneers can then be considered.

Dermal fillers on naso-labial lines

Hyaluronic acid dermal filler used for the naso-labial lines, treatment performed by Dr TL.



“The results are very satisfaying and very natural. I haven’t experienced any pain. I was chatting with a collegue who did not know I had injections, she found that I was looking great since I got back, so the effect is very natural. It is just perfect” S.V.

Cosmetic bonding treatments

In one appointment, how to reduce sensitivity and improve the aesthetics by placing a cosmetic material on the affected area along the gum line. Treatments performed by Dr TL.



When the gums recede or when the enamel is damaged, the exposed area can be sensitive and show a yellow color. A bonding treatment can be considered without removing further dental tissue: the surface is prepared with an etching gel to get more retention, a bonding agent and a cosmetic material (chosen to match perfectly with the natural shade of the teeth) are then applied on the surface and light-cured before polishing.

Tooth whitening before and after

After a combination of hygiene session and laser whitening treatment. Treatments performed by Dr TL.



In the UK, 6% of hydrogen peroxide is the maximum a dentist can prescribe and use for teeth whitening treatment (roughly equivalent to 16% carbamide peroxide). Before proceeding, an clinical examination is carried out to ensure there are no risk factors or any oral pathology of concern. A proper cleaning may be required to make sure the surface of the teeth is suitable for treatment.

A laser whitening treatment usually consists in 3 sessions of 15 minutes in one appointment with replacement of the whitening gel between each session. The results vary a lot depending on people, some may get amazing results and some others may not respond.

Most of the time, using a custom-made whitening home kit will enhance the results and allow the patients to maintain the results over the time. Dental impressions are taken to make transparent trays, perfectly fitted to the teeth. Ideally, trays and gel should be used overnight for one to two weeks. It’s important to be supervised by the dentist during the treatment.