Protecting permanent teeth with Fissure sealants

french-dentist-children-londonSee full article in L’Echo Magazine: Londres version française, April-May 2017, page 45 by Francine Joyce.

Fissure sealants are prevention treatments for permanent teeth, treating mostly molars and premolars for children from age 6. Brushing is often difficult due to the lack of access. These sealants protect the natural grooves on the chewing surface of the teeth (80% of tooth decays start in these grooves/fissures for children), brushing is made easier as the retention of food debris is reduced and they often contain fluoride to reinforce the protection.

The procedure is simple, quick and painless: only a few minutes per tooth including the clean of the fissures, preparation of the surface with an acidic gel and the application of the fluid resin which will be light-cured to set instantly.

It’s very important to have them checked regularly, they can last for years but sometimes need replacement.